Ladybug for Girls Yoga Programs

Ladybug for Girls™ Yoga for Schools is a after-school yoga club held in a small to large group setting with a required minimum of ten (10) girls.  These sessions are ideal for Pre-K to 5th grade students. Research has proven that when children practice yoga it calms anxiety, teaches relaxation techniques and develops concentration and focus. Girl’s learn to maintain steady breathing mechanics while engaging in a series of body changing positions. Girl’s will focus on physical movement, balance and flexibility, as well as, boosting their confidence and self-esteem for optimal well-being.

COST: $60 per person/per semester for six (6) 1-hour yoga sessions OR $150 per person/per semester for fifteen (15) 1-hour yoga sessions

Ladybug for Girls™ Yoga for Athletes and Performers is held in a small to large group setting with a required minimum of eight (8) girls and a maximum of twenty (20) girls. These group sessions are designed for dancers, competitive cheerleading teams, soccer teams, volleyball teams, softball teams, track teams and swim teams. Girl’s will benefit from an instructor-led series of yoga postures to build muscle strength, improve joint range of motion, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness to reduce injury and enhance athletic performance.

COST: $90 per person for six (6) 1-hour yoga sessions

Ladybug for Girls™ Yoga Personalized one-on-one sessions are an invitation for girl’s to explore their unique innate intelligence as they develop body awareness, recognize their different emotions, and practice inner-self reflection. Each session is held in the privacy of your home. Girl’s are encouraged to express themselves and make a deeper connection to improve self-confidence while using yoga and mindfulness techniques to manage stress, anxiety and fear. Through a guided practice of yoga flow, stillness, and breathing techniques girl’s discover the personal health and wellness benefits of yoga which will last a lifetime.

COST: $85 per person for one (1) 1-hour yoga session