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Ladybug for Girls Club

The Ladybug for Girls™ Club is our after-school ambassador program. We teach elementary and middle school girls transformational healthy life skills using the latest research on nutrition, physical activity and gardening.

Ladybug for Girls Yoga

The Ladybug for Girls™ Yoga program offers personalized yoga sessions or group sessions. Girl’s develop body awareness, build core strength and flexibility, improve their self-confidence and learn techniques to manage emotions in a healthy non-competitive environment.

Ladybug for Girls Golf

Ladybug for Girls™ Golf is our junior golf program. We are an official LPGA-USGA Girls Golf junior golf program serving girls ages 7 to 15. Girls learn the game of golf through a fun, social, girl-friendly environment.

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Ladybug Club


  •     Ambassador Member
  • (For Schools Only)
  • Ladybug T-shirt
  • 6 After-School Sessions
  • Exclusive Discounts
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Ladybug for Girls Yoga


  • Ladybug Yoga Member
  • (Rate for Groups Only)
  • Ladybug Water Bottle
  • 6 Yoga Sessions
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • + Much more
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Ladybug for Girls Golf


  •     Girl’s Golf Member
  • LPGA-USGA Member
  • Ladybug Golf Polo
  • Ladybug Golf Visor
  • On-Course Golf Play
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • + Much more
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